Fitzhead Village

Thank you!

As well as the memoria that lots of folk wish to think about/do something about, there are a number of folk that wish to thank our villagers for all sorts of things, eg Mervyn, Les, Margie for regularly picking up litter from our lanes and Mervyn and Nick for keeping drains unblocked as far as possible. Rosie for her work in getting our oil at a reasonable price, as well as the folk who regularly clean, polish brass and flower arrange in our church.

If any of you would like to publicly thank anyone, please send your comments to Mandy and they can be published in the newsletter. Hopefully everyone that ‘does’ something for the village knows they and their efforts are appreciated, but sometimes it’s nice to say something publicly, for instance, the PC sent a lovely letter of thanks to us (Mandy and Jo) for doing the newsletter, it was certainly very much appreciated.

Mandy and Jo

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