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Covid-19 vaccinations in Somerset

Health and care teams across Somerset are working exceptionally hard to roll out our local Covid-19 vaccination programme in Somerset in line with the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation’s prioritisation and they are continuing to vaccinate people aged 80 and over, care home residents and staff, as well as widening out the offer to frontline health and social care staff.

It is known that patients and all health and care staff are eager to find out when they will receive their Covid vaccination. The NHS is prioritising vaccinating those people who, experts have agreed, will benefit from it the most and they are systematically working through all eligible groups according to the national priorities.

Please do not call or turn up at your GP surgery or the local hospital to enquire about Covid vaccinations.

People are asked to support the NHS:

  • by not contacting GPs and health services about vaccinations. You will be contacted when it is your turn to be invited for your vaccination. Some phone lines are jammed with people asking about vaccinations and this is preventing people who need help from getting through
  • when contacted, please attend your booked appointments
  • please continue to follow all the guidance to control the spread of the virus and save lives

Please continue to attend any appointments as planned – if there is a requirement to change any details for your vaccination appointment you will be contacted directly.

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