Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fitzhead Village in Somerset

Tithe Barn Refurbishment

Tithe Barn Refurbishment All documents relating to the proposed refurbishment of the Tithe Barn can be found here (please click on links below).

1.  Letter to Villagers May 2017

2.  Results of the Community Council for Somerset's Consultation on the Refurbishment of the Tithe Barn July 2017

May 2018 = The Tithe Barn Management Committee is delighted to announce that it has just been awarded an Awards for All grant of £6725 to explore the possible options of refurbishing the Tithe Barn.  We have appointed Thread Architects in Bradford on Tone to explore with us the possible options of refurbishing the Fitzhead Tithe Barn, and calculate how much the proposed works will cost.  This grant will be a considerable addition to our refurbishment fund and will be of significant help in meeting the Architects fees. We have been liaising closely with the Fitzhead Parish Council and the St James’ Parochial Church Council over this, and once we have something definite to show you, we will hold a session in the Tithe Barn so that you can all see the proposals.

We are very grateful to the Lottery Awards for All for the grant.