Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fitzhead Village in Somerset

Latest News and Events in Fitzhead Village

If you would like to list an event here, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can also find Fitzhead events on Facebook by clicking here facebook

 Invite to villagers


25 October, 29 November.  Three courses £13, two courses £10.  Please ring Richard, 432352 at the New Inn, Halse to book your place at least two days prior

NOVEMBER COFFEE MORNING Monday 12 November, 10.30 am at Janet and Colin Weeks’ home, Swift Lodge, 4 Tithe Meadow.  Limited parking but homemade biscuits a speciality. £1


DURING THE WHOLE OF NOVEMBER there will be a display in the Church to recognise/commemorate the end of the First World War and to recognise specifically ‘Fitzhead fallen’.  A number of us have been busy for months making a poppy display and it would be wonderful if ALL of you could make the effort to go to and into the Church to see our work.  We are very lucky to be able to have our Church open every day, so please, please try to go and look/read - especially commemorating our 6 Fitzhead fallen (2nd Lieut Shapland, Driv Criddle, Pte Cross, Pte Pole, Pte Thresher and Pte Maunder)

THURSDAY 01 NOVEMBER – prior notice of Village Fete meeting, Tithe Barn, 7.30 pm.  This is a huge ‘earner’ for the church and Tithe Barn and it is hoped it can continue, despite Steve and Bridget having organised their last one.  Having done such a magnificent job, it will be hard to take over from them, but such a great village tradition needs to be continued.  This meeting will be a chance to discuss format, etc and for folk to volunteer their services for stalls, some of which now have nobody to man them.  Please, please, please come along.

 Bonfire night



Christmas Whist Drive, Friday 21 December, Oake Village Hall, 7.30 pm.  Gentle reminder asking you to provide raffle prizes OR cash donation for prizes to be bought.  Please contact Mandy


 Susanna Pilates

‘The Fitzhead Singers’ meet once a week on Monday evenings between 7.30 and 9.00pm in the Tithe Barn and everyone is welcome to join us.  We are a mix of men and women and most of us could not read music when we started, or indeed done any singing for years.  We sing a variety of music, chosen by our music guru, Colin. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have been in music groups before: we are a friendly, supportive group and we do this for fun. But, with Colin’s patient guidance, we work hard to improve both our singing and our musical understanding.  Look out in the village newsletter for dates of practice, or contact Mandy Bool for more information.