Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fitzhead Village in Somerset

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Fitzhead Village Writing Competition


Congratulations to all the writers who took part in the competition! And thank you to all the people who read the entries below - please cast your vote and help choose the winner.

There are two categories, one for under 15s and the other over 16s; please vote for one of each. 

The entries are anonymous but numbered, and a list of all the writers and the titles of their work will be published along with the winning ones.

Voting is open to everyone, writers and readers, with one vote per person.  Voting is open to everyone who either lives in the village, or is on the village newsletter list, with one vote per person.  (And if you're a writer and like yours the best, don't be shy to vote for it.)

Please put the entry number and title you like best for each of the two categories, and email your votes to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

by the end of Friday April 24th. 

The two winners (who will each receive a homemade cake) will be announced on Monday April 27th, on this website and by village newsletter. 

Thanks again to all the lovely writers, who produced such a diverse range of poems and prose for our enjoyment!

Sue Mitchinson


Over 16s

My Name is Roger

The Frog Herder

See You Later Dear

A Tiny Chance

The To Do List

Non Mea Culpa

The Devil of Sarajevo

Southward Ho!


Corona Days in Fitzhead

The Mechanic

Small Brew

If I Could Just Remember

They Asked Him To Make The Speech

The Old Bureau at Hills Farmhouse


The Cottage


Under 15s

Dusty and the Big Mystery

Ginger's Sticky Adventure

Rat Dreams

Flo's Story

Let Me Be




AVillage Poem


We decided to do a group poem as well as a writing competition in Fitzhead, to encourage those who enjoy writing and might have a bit more leisure for doing such things during the lockdown.

This poem came about after people sent in a line or two each; they were joined up in a way that seemed to match best - and we found out that we were a poet (collectively speaking) when this whole new poem emerged!


Our Village

A dark grove shortcut joins east and west in light community,

Circling and cawing above the gap of doom, the parliament of rooks jostling for room.

Unchanging through the mists of time,

On pastures fresh with dew,

The livestock graze on lush green grass

Whilst buzzards wheel and mew.

Winter willow glowing orange in the low sun,

Catkins dangling in profusion, sprinkling pollen through the hedgerows.

Orion shining in a starlit sky,

Primroses tumbling down banks and hedgerows and vying with violets in the churchyard under the oak,

Cow parsley shooting upwards and myriad tiny flowers beginning to froth,

Sticky buds fattening ready to burst.

As I gaze at the hills, a feeling of contentment fills.

We with our histories who live here now; those who have walked these paths over years long gone,

Birth, death, sadness, joy - these homes, walls, trees, bear witness to our lives.

This rural village which sits twixt wonderful animals and glorious fields

Is not defined by its buildings but the kindness it yields.

Come and join us in Fitzhead, everybody welcome.








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